Dr. Kon-Joon Bhang

Speech Title:Low-Cost UAV Remote Sensing for Disaster Mitigation: From the Basics to Applications

Associate Professor,
Kumoh National Institute of Technology ,

E-mail: bhang1kit@gmail.com

  • The Ohio State University.
  • Environmental Science Graduate Program (ESGP), Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.)
  • The Ohio State University .
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Sciences, Master's degree .
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering, Bachelor's degree.

  • eaching GIS and Remote Sensing to Civil Engineering students.
  • Teaching advanced GIS and Remote Sensing courses to graduate students.
  • Researching mapping, satellite image processing and analysis, and software development
  • Developing analysis tools for landslide early warning using aerial photogrammetry with unmanned             aerial vihecle.
  • Graduate Research Associate, Doctoral Student, Earth Sciences- Remote sensing and GIS Mar. 2003 ~         Nov. 2007
  • Quality/accuracy analysis of spatial data (LANDSAT, ICESat, SRTM, NED, DLG, NHD, GTOPO30, etc.) for       hydrologic modeling
  • Development of SRTM noise reduction methods
  • Image processing FFT filtering, Canny Edge Detector, Active Contours, etc.
  • Feature extractions and classification from spectral imagery and DEMs
  • Refinement of feature boundaries using the Spline method
  • Map projection/datum adjustment for spatial datasets- Hydrologic modeling and computer simulation
  • Lake level extraction from the noisy SRTM, ICESat, and Landsat data
  • Quantitative analysis for the rainfall-runoff process using HEC-HMS
  • Fractal landscape generation
  • Computer simulation for lake distribution with the precipitation and evaporation conditions using               fractals- Technical aspects in programming and scripting
  • Data manipulation (conversion, interpolation, statistical analysis, extraction, etc.) with C/C++ and                 Matlab
  • Computer simulation with Matlab
  • Database management with MySQL
  • Lake level extraction using he contouring method with Arc Macro Language (AML) and Matlab
  • Graduate Research Associate (GRA) in Earth Sciences, The Ohio State University (OSU), Columbus, OH,       USA Oct. 2001 ~ Dec. 2007
  • GRA in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science, OSU, Columbus, OH, USA Jul. 2001 ~         Sep. 2001
  • Part-time web-designer, Anderson Language Technology Center, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO,       USA Jun. 2000 ~ Sep. 2000

  • 6 years of experience with the ESRI ArcGIS suite and 4 years with Erdas Imagine
  • Experience with spatial data conversion/editing, GIS map production, digital image processing, spatial       database management, spatial analysis/reporting tasks.
  • Technical experience with designing, creating, and maintaining enterprise wide GIS & remote sensing         capabili-ties for numerous projects.
  • Strong understanding of surveying, mapping, GIS concepts and spatial data.
  • Strong programming and database management skills
  • Desire to perform business development both within and external to the organization.
  • Strong organizational, communication and writing skills, networking ability, positive/excited attitude.