Dr. Sumiko Anno

Speech Title:Retrospective Space-Time Cluster Analysis of Dengue in The Northern Region of Sri Lanka: Remote Sensing and GIS Based Case Study

Associate Professor,
Shibaura Institute of Technology,
Tokyo, Japan.

E-mail: annou@sic.shibaura-it.ac.jp

  • Kobe University, Graduate School of Medicine, Hyogo, Japan,4/97-           3/01
  • New York Medical College, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Valhalla, NY, USA,9/93-5/97
  • New York University, Graduate School, New York, NY, USA,9/92-5/93
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout, Graduate School, Menomonie, WI, USA,9/91-5/92
  • Meiji University, Department of Agriculture, Kanagawa, Japan,4/87-3/91

  • Engaged in teaching human ecology, environmental science, Remote Sensing (RS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)- Have done research on effects of environment changes on health using techniques of SNP genotyping, RS, GPS and GIS.

  •   2009 Best Presentation (4th Annual Academic Session 2009, Brunei)
  •   2009 Koichi Miyaji Memorial Prize (Shibaura Institute of Technology, Japan)
  •   2008 Excellent Paper Award (Japan Society of Physiological Anthropology, Japan)